• See below important order and shipping information for 2019 Fall and Winter

RAZ Imports is a wholesale importer of Seasonal Holiday Decorations and Home Accents. We sell Christmas, Easter, Spring, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Fall decor, as well as a full line of everyday floral items. Be sure to check out our website which features hundreds of items not currently in our catalogs. To set up an account, or to purchase from us, you must have a current resale tax number.

Important Tariff Update

As a result of the current tariff implementation we had to raise prices on some of our lighted items. This goes into effect Tuesday, June 11,2019. All orders placed prior to June 8th will receive the original pricing. View a list of items that have been changed by clicking here.

Important Shipping Updates

Spring 2019

As of June 26, 2019, we are no longer shipping Spring 2019 collection items. Thank you for your support and feedback through the Spring 2019 season. All Spring items shown online are part of the Spring 2020 collection and will begin shipping in January 2020.

Holiday 2019

The RAZ team would like to thank you for a successful Holiday 2019. We have invested heavily to meet our ever-changing business needs and want to thank you for recognizing our efforts. To be fair to everyone, please note the following:
- Earliest booked orders will ship first. We are a "first in/first out" organization.
- Any orders placed after May 1st will not be available to ship until September 1st, 2019, based on our current projections. This is subject to change.
- If you have special circumstances, please contact your sales representative or customer support specialist.
Thank you again for your tremendous response to the Holiday 2019 line.

Manufacturing standards that lead the way. Liown’s vertically integrated manufacturing leads the LED candle category. The candles are made in Liown’s state of the art factories and are certified by the leading quality standards organizations.

100% refined paraffin wax
Free of dangerous impurities like lead, often found in candles made from recycled wax, assures consistency in color across multiple production runs.

Consistency in color of LED light
LED color is customized to match a real burning flame. Each LED is set to a specific color range to insure consistency from candle to candle.

Melting/Freezing point
While there is no industry standard for this, Liown has set the melting point at 176° and -20° for freezing. Why does this matter? Lesser quality candles will lose their shape and discolor in 100° weather and freezing will cause cracking in the wax.

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